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There are no one size fits all business plans.

Stand out from the crowd with a well-researched, and expertly forecasted business plan. Our Customized Business Plans will include everything you need to get approved for that Business Loan or that Investor. Our data analyst are the best in the business.

Benefit from the level of detail and insight we’ve gained from working with thousands of customers. Whether you’re looking for a bank loan, investment, line of credit, or working capital. Our consultants will custom write a plan specifically to your needs.

Our experience in crafting original custom business plans for everything from a food cart to a multinational manufacturer is put into every unique plan we write. Multiple design options and custom pitch decks will further set your plan apart. Give AGF Business Consulting a call.
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Our Business Plan Writers Deliver Top-Level Analysis

We are firm believers that design should enhance credibility. Our custom business plans ensure that the executive-level content is a valuable resource for your finance managers, securities lawyers and more. We strongly believe that an effective business plan is one that helps streamline your corporate pursuits, with analysis supporting everything from your valuation report to your legal team’s due diligence process. Our first step is working with you to develop a strong business narrative that is supported by key market research and a solid business model. 

Your One-Stop Solution for a Custom Comprehensive Business Plan

Business Plan Writing Services: Reinvented
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Are you looking to create a solid custom business plan to attract potential customers, secure bank loans, or set your business up for success? Look no further than AGF Business Consulting.

Our business plan writer and consultant specialize in crafting professional business plans as our service for clients to meet their business planning needs.  We offer a range of popular packages, including Express, Express Plus, Traditional, and Complete Business Plans. Our dedicated MBA business plan writer collaborates closely with clients to develop a well-structured plan that effectively outlines the organization's operations while providing in-depth discussions and critical elements about the company's industry, marketing strategies, marketing plan, target market, and financial forecasts.  

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We Write Business Plans for Every Sector

Our business plan writers have worked with dozens of different industries, from booming sectors such as construction and blockchain, to niche markets such as sports equipment and medical devices manufacturing and distribution.

We are passionate about identifying the nuances of each individual market and applying that expertise to our clients’ business plans and marketing materials. With market data acting as the backbone of our approach, our comprehensive industry analysis is used to strategically craft everything from your business narrative to your brand identity.


Custom Business Plans Writing

We create business plans based off of your specific needs and goals.
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The standards for communicating information have changed, and so should your business plan. AGF specializes in the next generation of custom business plan writing services that elevate your company strategy.

Your business plan is your ultimate marketing tool. It defines your fundamental purpose as a company, your product offering and target market, as well as the future opportunities available to both you and your investors.

Our custom business plan writing approach has two objectives: to effectively capture your business narrative, and to communicate that narrative using modern tactics that engage your specific audience and goal.

When your business plan is in the hands of a loan officer or potential investor, it is competing with countless opportunities to engage with interesting content.

We believe that championing your value proposition in a sophisticated and compelling way is the key to cut through the noise of competing content.

Why Should You Choose AGF For Your Next Custom Business Plan

Best practices and effective strategies for your business!


We make sure that your business plan will highlight the viability and attractiveness of your innovative ideas.


Assigned project teams have 30+ years’ industry-specific experience.


We apply an individual approach to each case. Each document is created from scratch and fully customized to suit your needs and goals.


We guarantee that the business plan we prepare for you will comply fully with requirements of investors/lenders. However, we are not responsible for the success of your fundraising efforts—there are simply too many factors that we cannot control (e.g., your credit score, relevant experience, etc.)

Get a Custom Proven Pitch Deck & Lender Investor-Ready Business Plan.

Nothing engages the imagination (and wallet) of an investor quicker than a compelling Pitch Deck with a solid Business Plan to back it up.

You will notice that we DO NOT give away free templates as these templates will isolate you even further from the real world and the last thing you need right now is frustration. If you are convinced that your concept, product or service has what it takes to rise from the clutter, let’s talk.

We are not merely consultants – we are partners in your journey to success and beyond! Your vision, goals, and challenges become ours, and together, we create a plan that surpasses expectations. What’s more, we already have the systems, channels, and highly sought-after network of specialists in place to take you to the next level no matter where you are now.

Whether you’re a startup taking flight or an established business aiming for new heights, AGF Business Consulting is here to make your dreams a reality.

Maximize your Business potential with AGF. Our team will devise tailored strategies for your target market, expanding your customer base and boosting conversions. From lead generation, reputation management, and digital marketing to conversion optimization and social media management, we’ve got you covered.

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